We have an exciting new space opening at Silvasale; The Wanderers Ball Room. To find out more, please contact marketing@silvasale.co.za.Read More
Five Minutes with Nina and Rajiv The splendour of colour, multiple dresses and true love…that is what we saw in this couple. They simply could not wait to see each other and take their vows in not one, but two ceremonies! If you could describe your wedding in words what would they be? Surreal, Magical, Beautiful, Breath-Taking, Romantic.   What was the defining moment in your planning process that made it all feel real? DuringRead More
From humble beginnings is where our story started. Private catering for friends and family spiraled into an events and catering business in the blink of an eye. Then in 2002 South Africa hosted the Earth Summit and SilvaSale was tasked with catering and logistics for this all-important event. It was no easy task to get an entire restaurant up and running at the Wanderers within a mere two weeks. But hard work and determination paidRead More
How did you propose? “I really wanted to make her feel special, we started with spa treatments and when Carla got back to her locker I had arranged for a beautiful dress to be inside with a note “Please wear me and Join me for dinner” We had a beautiful isolated dinner, pool side, whereby after trying to control my nerves I asked Carla if she would make me the happiest man and marry me.Read More
How did Hugh pop the question? “In the romantic destination of Victoria Falls in Zambia!” If you could describe your wedding in words what would they be? “We wanted the evening to be filled with dancing, laughing, fun and most important surrounded by loved ones to create that crazy, beautiful magical night I had in my mind!” What was your personal stamp on your day? “US ! LOL. We had a brass band which wasRead More
How did you propose? “We were on a family holiday at the coast and Paul and I went for sundowners on the 26th of December to the Oyster Box Hotel. We went to the light house bar and sat outside on the balcony overlooking the sea. Paul had arranged for it to be set up with roses and candles, it was BEAUTIFUL. As we got outside, he got onto his knee and asked me toRead More