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Step into a space of

luxury and style at The Wanderers Club

A space that hosts decades of memories. SilvaSale hosts and manages the club and is here to create your next event.

Event Catering

SilvaSale will plan and host a momorable year-end function. We will offer you the perfect venue with enough capacity for your company’s staff.



Event Management

SilvaSale Events and Catering has a broad service offering to ensure a superior and perfectly handcrafted event that embodies a pure dedication to our clients.

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World Class Service

As the leading luxury catering and event planners, our conference venues and function room facilities in Johannesburg are flexible to accommodate a diverse range of events, from iconic corporate productions, gorgeous intimate weddings to major social events.


Whether you hire us to work with you to design a unique, trendsetting corporate launch, your dream beach wedding or an intimate dinner party, a highly skilled and dedicated team is in place to ensure your event is executed with professionalism, expertise and a touch of creativity.


We believe in more than just entertaining you, at Silvasale, we believe in feeding both your imagination and your soul. Every project we undertake is a chance to nurture our relationship with our clients and work together to make each experience fabulous, unforgettable and unique.


The decades we have been in existence has taught us that generosity, originality and a dash of excitement are of equal importance as quality ingredients, professionalism and impeccable service.

Corporate Catering

Step into the world of Johannesburg’s leading luxury corporate catering service providers and event planners and immerse yourself in high-quality and consistent service specially tailored to cater to your specific needs. Silvasale is a premium event planner and luxury caterer, the architect of the most prestigious events in Johannesburg.

We are a vibrant, creative and passionate team of event planners and enthusiastic foodies. Our devotion is the creation and delivery of beautiful experiences that will last for a lifetime. We are a dynamic full-service company specialising in transforming events that involve food to be unique.


Our uniqueness has been masterfully crafted from tradition and found in our roots. It inspires rich, heart and ‘made with love’ cooking, including lavish, stylish and conceptual events. Leveraging this with our desire to adapt to an astute and evolving industry. We achieve this blend by integrating modern and contemporary application offering experience that enlivens, uplifts and leaves your guests in awe.


Simply put, our service offering is steadfast to delivering superior and superbly handcrafted events that personify our commitment to our clients. We coupled this with a desire to adapt to a discerning and ever-evolving audience, incorporating a modern and contemporary application to deliver experiences that excite, uplift and fill our guests with a sense of wonder.


With a passion for exquisite entertaining and a commitment to world-class service, we utilise an uncomplicated approach of simplicity and hospitality focused on offering consistent and delightful culinary experiences. SilvaSale is the one of the best best event planning company in Johannesburg.