12 Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Event Caterer

Nothing beats that feeling of basking in the grandeur of hosting a successful event that exceeds everyone’s expectations. However, before lapping up the glory of your success is the nightmare process of planning your corporate event, especially searching for the best event catering services.

With plenty of options to choose from, choosing your preferred corporate catering company in Johannesburg can be a massive headache. Thus, finding the perfect corporate catering company that specialises in a myriad of cuisines will require you to sift through all of a lot of hyped-up offers.

If you have made a shortlist of the corporate catering companies you wish to hire but do not know what you need to ask to find the best fit for your event, we have compiled a list of essential questions;

1) Do You Have A Business License And Liability Insurance?

These are deal-breaker questions. When working with a corporate catering company in Johannesburg, a business license and proper insurance is an absolute necessity.

Therefore, it is imperative that you confirm they are a fully licensed and insured business. Do not take their word for it; request a copy of their documentation. Silvasale comply with all the necessary licences and insurance in this regard.

2) Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?

A corporate catering business that offers event catering services ought to have this type of insurance. An event where alcohol becomes a sought after commodity generally reeks of trouble. Moreover, when something happens, such as injury or damage to property, as the host, you will not be held liable.

3) How Many Events Have You Catered At And Which Was Your Favourite?

Regardless of the corporate catering company in Johannesburg you have selected, it is vital you have a little more understanding regarding their experience and how events they have provided services to.

Even though their website will have information, your corporate catering company should tell you which events they loved. As such, finding out their favourite events will help you in determining if you are on the same page with them regarding your event or it can serve as a way to inspire you. SilvaSale have worked on numerous exciting events which we will happily share with you.

4) What Other Services Do You Offer?

Some corporate catering companies in Johannesburg offer an array of services outside of their event catering services. These services will include the intricate details of the event, including waiters, baristas, and specialised staff. Additionally, their services can also include set up and breakdown services. SilvaSale offer all these services including an array of venues suited to corporates banquets, weddings and functions.

5) What Dishes Are You Known For?

As it is essential to understand their company history and events, it is also necessary to know what dishes they specialise in, their signature style and their overall catering menu. SilvaSale have some of South Africa’s top chefs creating and experimenting with different signature dishes from Portuguese steaks to delicious cheesecake deserts.

6) Where Do You Source Your Food?

Being aware of where your food is sourced from is just as important as narrowing down your event catering services. Some corporate catering companies in Johannesburg may offer a premium range together with other additional costs, which you will only be aware when you enquire on this.

Your preferred corporate catering company can charge an extra cost for their premium offerings, but it is something worth considering. Other than their excellent offerings, your event or menu will have that extra special touch knowing you are helping to support local farmers and vendors.

7) What Procedures Do You Have In Place For Those With Dietary Restrictions And Food Allergies?

The key to ensuring that your event runs smoothly, on the food side, is to find out if your corporate catering company in Johannesburg caters for guests with dietary restrictions, such as those being kosher, Halaal and being aware of specific food allergies.

A professional catering company will have kosher and Halaal options, choices for vegetarians and also vegan and gluten-free options for guests with food allergies. It is advisable to ask your corporate catering company if they charge an extra fee for these revised options. SilvaSale can provide food options such as these to meet your requirements.

8) What Items Would You Suggest?

When it comes to planning the catering for your event, remember to utilise their catering experience. It will include a detailed rundown of your event ideas and also what you think would be best. After doing this, you can ask your corporate catering company for their expertise, which will add a new perspective to the event planning.

Some aspects play a significant role in corporate catering services and options which you have not considered, such as venue size and configuration. An experienced corporate catering service provider will know the ins and outs of many venues, and they will give you great advice on the offerings, set up and possible extras. Additionally, they will bring in a new insight into other options that never crossed your mind.

9) Are You Flexible With The Catering Menu?

There may be a few tweaks you would like to be made to your catering menu even if you have decided on the range of menu items you would love to be served at your event.

A majority of corporate caterers in Johannesburg are open to accommodating any changes you wish to make to your menu, even if it is within your budget. If you have any doubts, it all boils down to trusting the caterer and their years of experience. You can be confident that our event planners have all the necessary experience with planning your event!

10) How Does Your Set-Up And Delivery Work?

One hugely important factor in your search for the best event catering services is knowing how much time they need for delivering and setting up. All this information will need to be relayed to the venue and the staff onsite.

What will also be helpful is to understand the details involved in setting up of corporate catering services and convey this information to the venue staff. By doing so, you will be made aware of the services and options the venue provides.

The intricacies of your menu, the number of guests and additional services you require are all factors that influence the delivery and set up process, so discussing and understanding this is very important.

11) What Is Your Average Price Range And Do You Have Any Available Packages?

Asking corporate catering companies in Johannesburg if they have any packages on offer is essential in that is helps you streamline your choices. It will also help you be more innovative and add optional extras that you had not considered.

The packages may include a set catering menu, items and a list of choices. They can come with set prices, with a possibility to be mixed and matched to find the optimal fit. Moreover, the packages could include specialised rates and packages that allow for costs, personnel and other items to be factored in.

12) Do You Offer A Cost Breakdown?

One of the most important questions you can ask your corporate catering company in Johannesburg is asking about the cost estimation. It will provide you with a clear insight and understanding of the company, and it is crucial as you will be able to gauge if it can fit into your event and budget.

Many corporate caterers work on a per-head, or per guest basis. So, sorting out your guest list before meeting with the caterers is vital. There is no perfect time to ask your corporate catering company in Johannesburg about the cost estimate, but it is advisable to wrap up with it. It offers you the opportunity to go over the final figures, forecasts and budget so that you are both on the same page.

The final numbers and budget should include a breakdown of costs, personnel costs and an array of other factors you may not have taken into account.

SilvaSale offers premier event catering services in Johannesburg that add a touch of exquisite class to your event at affordable prices that do not compromise on quality. Call us today!