4 Tips on Finding Affordable Wedding Venues in Johannesburg

Planning a wedding can be the most exciting event in one’s life and can be even better if when finding the perfect venue. However, with so many things to account for, such as finding affordable wedding venues in Johannesburg, catering, wedding attire and more, it is no surprise many couples can find this quite stressful. Not only is it hard work and time-consuming, but it is also difficult on the finances of a couple. For many, it would be ideal to arrive at the venue with everything presented perfectly and enjoy the festivities. Since that is not always the case, we have compiled a list to have a wedding ceremony and reception on a budget.

Lengthen Your Engagement Period While Hunting For Bargains

We understand that it’s difficult to resist the urge to plunge into planning your special day right away and is often tempting to book the nearest date available. However, if you’re working on a budget, giving an engagement period that lasts a year or two can be beneficial. If you’re impatient and try to book everything right away, it might cost more than your budget allows. The first positive of a long engagement is that it gives the couple enough time to save money towards the big day which will provide peace of mind that the most critical aspects of the wedding will be taken care of. Waiting will allow you to find the perfect affordable venue yet ticks most if not all of your boxes on your list of requirements. There is no reason to settle for a place that does not leave you excited when there is still plenty of time to conduct further research. Venues always have specials such as free centerpieces on the tables, a bottle of champagne per table, which helps to save you lots of money. You might get cheap flowers if you decide to have your wedding when the flowers are in season or get the best caterer that has enough variety to provide excellent service to the number of guests at the wedding. What makes waiting even better is that the date that you want will likely be available, including the affordable options.

Find A Venue That Aligns With Your Budget

Sometimes couples that have a tight budget, finding a venue is usually one of the first items that couples compromise about because of finances, although it is also one of the first things that should be resolved. The reason is that venues tend to cost an arm and a leg without offering much in the package to justify the cost. You will find that some venues will include a wedding planner or a discount on drinks, canapes or starters at a specific price. Astronomical venue prices can hollow out a couple’s budget, leaving them scrambling to get everything else together. Although nobody can tell you which venue to select, you should understand that a venue that takes out more than half of your budget, will need you to trim on other expenditure which can be just as important. However, you will not have to fall back on a family member’s backyard, a lakehouse on the Vaal, a beautiful community church or community parks when there are affordable wedding venues such as Silvasale in Sandton. Exuding ellegance, we guaranty our wedding venue will be breathtaking for the married couple and guests.

How The Date Can Help You Save Money

For us in South Africa, nothing beats a summer wedding with family and friends together having memorable times. However, while a summer wedding is perfect because you won’t be covered up too much due to the cold weather, summer venues cost more. If you are unfortunate not to find venues that don’t have much difference between their winter and summer packages, then you will have to select a date in the colder months, in the middle of the month or just before the summer kicks off. That will save you some money where it can be used to handle plenty of other last minute wedding items. While it is beautiful to have a summer wedding, there are plenty of other dates that can be just as perfect if your venue is superb.

The Entire Town Does Not Have To Be Invited

Talking about the venue also means having a meaningful discussion about who is invited and who will be looking at social media updates of the wedding from their lounge. For some couples, they will set the criteria starting from whom they have not spoken to in the last month, and this list will include relatives too. Don’t forget that you are paying for people to share your special day and you want people whole will contribute to your life even after the wedding. Why sacrifice a close friend for a relative you have not spoken to in years and did not even know you were engaged. Not only are there second cousins from both sides of the family but also childhood friends and current friends that have significant others they will want to bring along to the ceremony. If you want to control the number of people invited and save some money, then decide on a number and work very hard to stick to it. It is better to celebrate with the people dearest to you than distant relatives who will complain about the food and loud music.

After covering some of the crucial aspects of finding an affordable wedding venue in Johannesburg, you will have a much better time finding a suitable one for you. Alternatively, you can contact Silvasale venue hire in Johannesburg.  Your wedding day is a special day and that Silvasale aims to make it more manageable by helping you plan it.

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