4 Tips When Hiring A Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be a fun adventure, or it can be stressful and overwhelming.. While being together and arranging the different aspects of the big day can be a romantic way to spend your engagement, but can also lead to unnecessary arguments and frustrations. With Silvasale’s wedding planners, ou can now enjoy the thrills of seeing the details come together and being a part of every decision made – but without the headaches. You can get all of this and more from our expert wedding planners, who have years of experience  to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. 

The Budget 

Sticking to the budget is as important for wedding planners as it is for you,and they will strictly work according to what you are willing to spend for the day. They will discuss your budget and your wedding dreams with you in depth  to ensure that you have the same vision and priorities. While discussing the budget, planners will ensure that you are aware of the essential details such as music, the cake, a photographer and videographer, colour scheme and so much more. Wedding planners will ensure that your wedding is beautifully and meticulously planned and with a budget that you allocate. They are excellent at balancing budgets and will take all the hassle and stress off you, while keeping you informed of progress throughout the planning process, so you can have all the fun of planning without the worry.  

There Is No Such Thing As Wedding Food

A professional planner will understand the importance of a delicious menu, and will source the best chefs and catering companies to cook for you. Planners at a venue such as Silvasale will liaise with the caterers, ensuring that there is an amazing array of food that will suit your budget as well as your unique style.  Instead of serving fancy and pricey food, why not opt for comfort foods that will be just as tasty and affordable. Do you want to have an open bar, a cash bar or have a tab for your guests?Your wedding planner will also help you to consider your budget – and your guests – for drinks.  

Getting The Right Flowers

Just as the menu and dancefloor at the wedding reception are essential, for most brides, flowers are a crucial wedding decoration. The bride, accompanied by her bridesmaids, will carry them as they walk down the aisle. The flowers may also adorn the edges of the aisle, and be incorporated as part of decorations of the table centerpieces at the reception. Flowers are an essential in an wedding, but can often be quite costly. A great wedding planner will not only assist you in finding the best flowers but will help you utilise them in the best way. If the flowers you desire for your wedding are out of season, your wedding planner may have contacts to source them for your big day, or they may help you find more affordable alternatives.

Capturing Memories

As well as hiring professional photographers and videographers, there are plenty of great ways to document your wedding. The wedding planner will help you choose the right photographer and videographer to suit your budget, who will immaculate pictures and memories that will last you a lifetime. It is no secret that hiring a wedding photographer is expensive, but a wedding planner will have contacts in the industry who may be willing to negotiate or offer a package deal. The wedding planner will also be able to work with you to brainstorm other fun ideas for capturing special memories on the day, such as; supplying guests with disposable or polaroid cameras, using a photo-booth, encouraging the use of mobile phones and tagging you on social media with a pre-arranged unique hashtag and may other ideas. 

The wedding planner will work along-side you to make your special day unique, reflective of you, memorable and within budget. They will take the stress out of the planning, while leaving the excitement, anticipation and fun. Hiring a planner and a management services provider will enable you to enjoy your wedding to the fullest while the ceremony and reception on your special day proceeds smoothly. 

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