Create A Lasting Impression With A Great Meeting Room

Our boardroom rental in Johannesburg is affordable, and included is our world-class service, with 5-star, catering and fast wi-fi. There are plenty of reasons why one would hire a boardroom, such as impressing clients, conferencing capabilities of the boardroom and other facilities to make a great meeting with clients. It does not matter whether you are meeting a client for the first time or strategising with your team, having a beautiful, comfortable boardroom makes proceedings that much smoother. We have listed three tips that will make you understand the benefits of hiring one of our meeting rooms.


A fully equipped and furnished room is just the perfect place to start and conduct a meeting. Not only will hiring a boardroom leave a significant impression on your guests or clients, but it will not cost a fortune, like hiring a hotel meeting room. Your guests will not be left to loiter around the entrance of the venue or lobby, but be taken to their seats where they can have refreshments while waiting for the meeting to start.

No time limit for booking a meeting room

You can hire a meeting room in Johannesburg when you need it, for as long as you will need it. Venues provided by Silvasale Event and Catering will have the perfect setting for team-building, seminars, business forums, strategic planning and more. Their venues can accommodate any number of people from 4 to 450.

Increase In Productivity

For many, a change of scenery can assist in their creativity and an increase in productivity. Getting your team in a different setting will allow them to focus on the task while enjoying a fresh environment. The team will not be distracted by anything else at the office, especially if the task is important to the overall business.

With such benefits in hiring meeting rooms in Johannesburg, there is no need to spend vast amounts of money in hiring another venue that will not provide these benefits. Silvasale Event and Catering is the perfect service provider that will give these benefits and so much more. Your guests will be able to network and create business relationships within a historical and natural setting. Browse our website to learn more about our services, call us and speak to a representative or visit our venue and experience it for yourself. Get in touch with us!