Different Types of Catering? What’s The Best Way To Serve?

Imagine planning an entire event and forgetting the most crucial part – the food. Whether it is a wedding, a funeral, a birthday celebration, an anniversary and other events worthy of being celebrated, food is what makes or breaks an event. Doing it all yourself isn’t always an option, so if you can’t boil an egg – or if you can’t boil 100 eggs for 100 important guests –  hiring event catering services to take the extra stress and workload off you. Professional caterers can bring life to any event – guests always value, appreciate and remember good food. A great catering company will be able to help you pair the food with your event, after all, while we all enjoy a good mini-pie, they are more at home at a children’s birthday party than they are at a wedding. If you are looking for catering for a significant event but want to understand the differences in food and catering styles, wehave compiled a list of different types of catering and how you can find the right service provider to handle your event to perfection.

Corporate Catering

For corporate catering in Johannesburg, the first aspect to look at is the size of the event and what type of function the event will serve. What impression do you want to convey? Are you having a small strategy meeting? How about some non-messy and easy-to-eat finger-food plus bottled water and mints that can be easily snacked on at the table. What about the training that you’re hosting? Pastries, fruit, kebabs and ample coffee to keep people awake and focused. Then for your high-end  product launches and significant corporate events where you need to impress important people, your food needs to be equally impressive. In the corporate world, it’s not just your logo, employees and company results that reflect your company – everything reflects your company. What do you want your next event catering to say about your company ethos?

Concession Catering

Large crowds of people atin major sports events, music concerts and similar large-scale gatherings in large scale events will need specialty concession catering. It is a catering where large groups of people are gathered, and there is food available for sale. In this setting, once again you will need to ensure that your caterer has the relevant expertise to cater appropriately. The food needs to be simple to prepare, quick to make or assemble and easy to consume (a cheese fondue is probably not the best idea for concession catering!). Concession catering is all about feeding the masses tasty food that they want, that the majority of them can eat and quickly. Be sure to provide food that avoids the main allergens such as peanuts and depending on your target customer, you may need to consider whether to include vegetarian and culturally sensitive options.not find full course meals, but you will see vendors selling popular junk food that will attract customers which is quick and simple to prepare. The vendor will not worry about dietary requirements but about providing food as fast as possible, maximising their profits. However, the difficulty is in preparation and trying to find the right meals that will interest people. Concession catering is only suitable for large events and not for small and intimate events.

However, not all Catering for large crowds is considered concession catering., Celebrations such as weddings and graduations or corporate catering require a totally different approach are much hard work. Learning about the different types of catering will help you when deciding what to do for your event. However, with these different catering options, you should consider how you want it to be served:

  • What is a buffet? It’s when food is placed in an open area where guests can dish up for themselves. A buffet will offer guests a large variety of food in generous portions and each person will not be restricted about what they serve. The menu will range from finger food and appetisers to desserts for a full meal. Depending on the catering service you hire, there will be staff available to assist the guests in identifying the different food. Formal and casual events are both suitable for guests to be served buffet style.
  • For a plated service type of service, guests will be seated at tables and served a set menu by waiters and waitresses, and it is more formal and elegant, being efficient. This more formal setting includesSuch a formal service will have a a three-course meal and guests can take it easy, knowing their requests can be taken care of by a waiter. However, a plated service is also suitable for a variety of events, not just formal.

Wedding Catering

Remember the last wedding you attended? After an entire morning of waiting for the bride to arrive, sobbing through a beautiful ceremony and then waiting again for the couple to return from taking pictures, you had probably worked up quite an appetite. Then what could be more disappointing than being served a pitifully small plate of bland food during the reception?  The easy way to avoid this fate for your future guests is to hire a trustworthy caterer for your wedding – one who specialises in wedding catering. It will ensure that everyone is well fed and full of energy for the rest of the evening. The wedding menu must echo the tastes of the bride and groom as well as the diversity of the guests, catering to different tastes and dietary requirements. 

Catering for a social event

Life is too short not to celebrate and enjoy to the fullest. So don’t hesitate to seize every chance to celebrate those important milestones, make unforgettable memories and enjoy amazing food with the people that you love.   Bridal showers, retirement parties, birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties and any social occasion you can think of all need particular attention to the type, style and presentation of food to add to the atmosphere and special uniqueness of the event. Caterers for social events need to be particularly sensitive to the atmosphere of the event as well as the dietary requirements and cultural beliefs of your family and friends who they’ll be catering for. 

As you can see, at Silvasale we live and breathe event catering. If you choose to trust us with the catering of your event, you can be sure it will be an event to remember. 

Silvasale are based in Johannesburg and have decades of experience in planning events and ensuring they run smoothly and the clients have peace of mind. For more information contact us today or visit the website.   

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