Eight Useful Tips To Save You Time When Planning And Managing An Event

A great deal of smart planning, dedication and enthusiasm is required if you are planning to host a successful event. There is a lot to manage from the vendors, guest lists, food to playlists, all under a tight looming deadline.

In the world of event planning and management, there are very few rules cast in stone and have to remain quite flexible when approaching event management to pull off an unforgettable experience. Hosting an event that will be memorable for decades to come, will require you to adopt a unique and flexible approach that will allow you to adapt, learn and implement changes to make your event better.

Planning and managing a corporate event, an extravagant wedding or an intimate gathering can be challenging. We have compiled our list of some of our top insider tips that will make your event planning and management stress-free;

1) Start Early

Event planning and management can be a colossal task, and it is better to give yourself enough time to successfully get down every little detail.

When you start planning for your event early, you will be able to approach the planning from a birds eye approach. It also provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of early-bird specials when booking a venue, sourcing event staff and putting out unavoidable fires.

2) Set Clear Objectives

Most event planners in Johannesburg will send you a list of objectives. If not, your event planner will work with you to come up with concrete goals for your event. Thus, the goals will need to be as specific as possible.

3) Create A Checklist

One of the most important things to do when it comes to event planning and management is creating a comprehensive checklist. Your checklist should be divided into different areas, such as venue, vendors, guests, food and anything else that is necessary.

It is recommended to adapt the areas of your checklist by the size of your event. For example, you will only need a shopping and supply list for a small family braai, while a fund fundraiser will need much more than that.

Ensure that you write everything down, no matter how small the task. Using paper and pens will keep things simple, and you can highlight the task the need to be completed. If you are a digitally savvy individual, you can use applications such as Trello that allows you to see your event planning and management process visually. OmniFocus is a task manager loaded with features that make your event planning and management seamless.

4) Focus On The Priority

A standard productivity tip is knowing how to prioritise your time and efforts best. When it comes to event planning and management, your event will be a guaranteed success if you are focused on the right objectives.

As a professional event planner, there are a multitude of different things you need to accomplish for your event to be a success. You first need to determine what the overarching theme your event is and from there, prioritise your checklist on the tasks that are important, not just the urgent ones. After doing this, tackle each task one at a time and using this simple framework will ensure optimal event planning and time management.

5) Leverage Event Software

Utilising the power of event software in planning and managing your event allows for to maximise your events’ ROI. An event software tool will not only save you valuable time, but it helps in crafting a unified brand experience for your guests.

6) Use Text Expander

Event planning and management involve the monotonous task of typing out a text over and over. It can take you a long time to write and send emails to vendors, messages to guests and answer common questions. By using TextExpander, you will save yourself lots of time as with this tool, with the push of a few buttons, you can call up upon long pieces of text.

The initial emails you are likely to send are price inquiries to vendors, and you will need to set up a snippet that states the date of your event and how many guests will be attending. This tool also allows you to personalise the part where you enquire about their services, and when you are done, you can select the snippet abbreviation option and email away.

When your guest list is finalised, set up snippets for sending messages to your guests, such as responding to their RSVPs, the snippet should also include directions to your venue, making it easy to email your guest’s accurate directions from your phone.

7) Delegate, Delegate And Delegate Some More

As mentioned earlier, planning an event can be a massive endeavour, and it is a process you should not attempt to do by yourself. The key to hosting a successful event is delegation.

It is advisable to use an event management company like SilvaSale.

8) Consider Hiring An Event Management Company

Delegating tasks, at times, is not enough, and for you to achieve your event goals, you might need to hire professional event planners in Johannesburg. The biggest misconception is that hiring a professional event planner is expensive when, in fact, it is cost-effective, or it at least allows you to work within the same budget.

The advantage of using the services of an event planner is that they receive exclusive rates from vendors and are not available to customers. Event planners in Johannesburg are familiar with local vendors and venues; they are at hand to eliminate or alert you to hidden fees.

Moreover, a corporate event planner will have an accurate idea of what is achievable with the space on your desired budget. Thus, your event planning and management process will be more enjoyable when you hire an expert event planner.

It is also advisable to request a walk-through with all the key vendors for your event to ensure you are not the only one with the event vision onsite.

Silvasale is Johannesburg’s premier event planning and management company specialising in bring to reality every desired event. Contact us today!

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