Four Tips For Effective Workshops

If you’ve been to a few workshops, you know that some were effective, and some that failed. Now that you’re planning a workshop of your own, finding the right workshop venues in Johannesburg is just one consideration. You also need to know how to make them work. Use these tips to help you:

  1. Think Beyond The End Of The Workshop

You’re planning a workshop for a reason – what is it? That’s how you should approach this task by consistently keeping the end goal in mind. Yes, you want to sell tickets and fill seats, but the workshop in its entirety needs to have a purpose. If it doesn’t, or you lose sight of the reason why you’re planning a workshop, it won’t be a success.

  1. Keep It Moving

Studies have shown that when people stand up to speak in a meeting or a conference, the session becomes more interactive and productive. Make sure that the workshop venues around Johannesburg that you’re looking into have enough space for people to walk around, post ideas onto brainstorming boards, and have room to take a break and process what they’ve learned, or network with others.

  1. Allow For Better Brainstorming

In most people’s experience, whether you hold a meeting or a workshop session, employees lose interest when senior staff do the majority of the speaking. Allow all members of the team to be heard, and make sure that they’re provided with the opportunity to put their thoughts onto paper so that their brainstorming will be given the consideration it deserves.

  1. Maintain Progress & Follow Up

After a successful workshop, you and your attendees will be motivated and inspired. However, if you don’t follow up and keep that energy going, you and others could lose motivation. Remember the main reason why you wanted to have a workshop, and keep striving to maintain the progress that was made.

Workshops can be very beneficial – for the people attending it, and the people hosting it. Once you’ve found the best workshop venue in Johannesburg, keep these tips in mind in preparation, to ensure a successful event.