Hosting That Perfect Conference You’ve Been Planning!

Are you hosting a conference and want it to be an absolute success? A major contributing factor in achieving your goal is that the conference venue must provide the perfect atmosphere for your delegates. A small to large and affordable conference venue, as well as its location, is a fantastic choice that will lead to success. We have compiled some benefits of conferencing venue hire that is intimate, affordable and will ultimately serve your needs to organise a smooth and successful event. Read further to hear what SilvaSale Event and Catering can do for you.

Privacy For Sensitive Matters

A boardroom is where important financial and confidential board information is disseminated between present members, and therefore, this information is not open for public discussion. Selecting a more intimate venue such as our boardroom will ensure you feel safe and secure, discussing essential matters and security will be kept private. With entry to unauthorised personnel barred, nobody will overhear or eavesdrop on your private affairs.

Customised service

SilvaSale have conference facilities that not only provide privacy but other services such as catering from our expert chefs. It makes planning the conference easier when our venue is ready to host the conference, and there is no need to put your energy into finding or putting together a menu. Silvasale have a catering department that will work well to find you a suitable menu for all guests, keeping in mind the purpose of the conference and everyone’s dietary requirements. The service you will receive at SilvaSale will be tailored to your exact needs and offers a greater sense of connection between the staff and guests. This will only enhance everyone’s overall experience.

Networking Opportunities

SilvaSale’s intimate venues on offer will give the delegates invited more confidence in taking part in the conference and engaging the speaker on the topics discussed. Such venues also encourage networking opportunities because there is not a lot of people to navigate through and remember their names.

To help you plan and execute the vision of the conference you have in mind, then come to us, and we will help you bring your vision to reality. We have experience in event management and catering and also have conference venues of all sizes. We have small and intimate rooms to large rooms that accommodate many delegates. For more information, then visit our website and browse through the services we offer or give us a call and we will give you a detailed idea of what we can do for you.