How To Find The Best Caterer For Your Event

Are you hosting an event in Johannesburg? People love attending events – whether it’s for live entertainment, an awards ceremony, good music, or maybe even dancing. A core part of any successful event is the food. The food you provide could make or break an event, so you need to pick your catering company carefully. Here are some tips on how to choose the best catering services in Johannesburg for your event.


If you want your food to be delicious and to reflect the mood of your event planning and management, you will need to hire a caterer that has experience. Don’t risk such an important aspect of your event on a caterer with little or no experience in your style of event. Not all caterers are equipped or experienced to handle all types of events – don’t be the guinea pig for a company wanting to branch out. Prevent unnecessary stress by choosing a caterer who can show they have experience in successfully catering to your style and size event.


Generally, caterers know what dishes are favourite among most crowds, and is also easy to prepare for many people. Look for caterers that have menus which are unique, trendy and current – but most importantly, look for caterers who are willing to listen to your needs and ideas. The right caterer should be willing to be flexible enough to work with your ideas and pull out all the stops for your event.

A Detailed Contract

The last thing an event planner wants to hear is that their caterer has dropped them at the last minute, and now they have to find a new solution for feeding their guests. Most professional caterers will provide a contract before the event to protect themselves. However, the agreement needs to protect you too. Make sure that the contract includes the selected menus, beverages, bar service, number of servings, table settings and all pricing. It should also stipulate that you get your deposit back if the caterer pulls out. The more detail included in the contract, the better.

The food that you provide can make the event an unforgettable night, positively or negatively. Our food experience can change the way we perceive the entire event, even if the food is just one small part of it. If you want your event in to be a success, make sure that one of the most reliable catering companies in Johannesburg you hire works alongside you to provide an unforgettable menu.


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