Events and Catering Company

From humble beginnings is where our story started. Private catering for friends and family spiraled into an events and catering business in the blink of an eye. Then in 2002 South Africa hosted the Earth Summit and SilvaSale was tasked with catering and logistics for this all-important event.

It was no easy task to get an entire restaurant up and running at the Wanderers within a mere two weeks. But hard work and determination paid off, and years on we are still running and operating the Wanderers Club’s catering and event management.

In 2012 a young and dynamic team joined SilvaSale to bring new creative energy to the already booming business.

Forward several years and not only have we created a personalized and forward thinking company, but we are constantly striving for perfection when entertaining our valued guests. At SilvaSale our top priority is to ensure our Wanderers guests and members are taken care of in the way they have become accustomed to. Recently we expanded our services into catering and management for off-site events.

Accepting four stars from the grading council in 2015 was a highlight, but also confirmed our motto - Excellence is who we are... It starts from the core. We are proud of our service and standard, and every day our family values, passion and dedication is shown by the staff who strive towards excellence.