Silvasale Once Again Delivers World-Class Catering Services At A De Beers Event in Botswana

One of the most amazing things about working in the catering industry is the variety it offers. Not necessarily on the context of the workload, like washing dishes, setting the table and plating up food can be a laborious routine, but the different people that one meets and also the type of places one gets to see. Offering off-premises catering allows us the privilege of travelling to various venues and deliver on a variety of different delicious food choices and drink selections.

No two events can ever be the same, though the fields in which these events take place is always similar. Each event is unique, with a unique set of challenges and requirements, and this is what we encountered in a recent we tasked to cater for.

CateringWe were excited and thrilled to have been afforded the opportunity to show off their immaculate catering skills at an event for the world’s leading diamond company, De Beers. Botswana-born celebrity chef, Joseph Seeletso graced us with his presence and was responsible for designing the entire menu.

From the moment we were awarded this prestigious contract, we adopted a hands-on approach. It saw Seeletso flying in two weeks before the event to consult with suppliers and adequately plan the logistics. The event was hosted at the eloquent and prestigious Fairgrounds in Botswana, and the initial brief was to cater for approximately 1800 guests and later reduced to 1200.

Several local chefs were employed to help the Silvasale team with the execution of the menu, which was Polish with African influence. We also worked alongside Quintessential, who managed the project on behalf of De Beers. Our approach to this event was relatively simple, that is to have an intimate understanding of the local business environment to ensure that we support the local market to the best of our ability.


Every event has its set of challenges, and this was no different as it came with its fair share of problems. The client changed the agenda of the event was changed at the 11th hour and moved up by two hours on the day. Due to our flexibility, we were able to accommodate this new request and ensure the food was delicious, delivered on time and timelessly served.

If you are looking for a world-class caterer to serve nutritious and delicious food that every guest will be begging for more, Silvasale is your best option. We have a highly creative and professional team who tailor every aspect of our offerings to suit your event. Call us.

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