The Benefits of Using a Great Corporate Catering Service

Quality, well-planned and executed corporate catering is an essential part of business meetings, conferences, networking events and corporate team training. Guests are served a scrumptious meal that is carefully prepared by a professional event catering company. If you are looking for catering companies in Johannesburg that have the sophistication and competence to handle your requirements, then we will assist you. In this article, we have compiled a list of tips that we use when approaching a conference or banquet that requires catering. Read further to learn more.  

Research To The Finest Details

Meals should reflect the theme of the meeting, for example, a hot dog or wors roll is not suitable at a corporate function where the guests are dressed formally in their best suits. SilvaSale will meet in person to get an understanding of what food they will provide at the event. Our experienced team will assess the project and what food will be best served to the clientele.

Be Sure About The Number of Guests Attending

Corporate events are usually hosted during work hours, and locking down the number of people attending can be difficult. Our team is aware that the number of people attending might fluctuate, so before confirming the amount of catered food available, it is vital to confirm whether a guest will be attending or not. This information will be critical because we will also need to confirm dietary requirements and the process and timing of the food preparation.

Cleaning Up

Not every event catering service provider will provide a clean-up service after the guests have finished their meals. And if they do, you don’t want guests to be rushed or hear the clanking of dishes while the event is still taking place. SilvaSale always asks about the clean-up procedure and whether it will be suitable for your event.

This is the SilvaSale approach to event catering services for corporates and businesses. We are experts in providing catering for corporate events, wedding ceremonies and so much more. Visit our website and view our services.