Three Key Points When Planning A Wedding

Are you looking for one of the best wedding venues in Johannesburg? Then finding a venue that will meet all your requirements can be difficult but not impossible. Finding the best wedding venue takes patience and thorough research, along with your budget, the number of guests invited, a well thought out theme and logistics of transporting guests to the wedding venue. While these points are essential in ensuring the venue is perfect and ready to host a successful wedding, there are still plenty of things people tend to forget about when planning a wedding. We have compiled a list of three points that will make your wedding an unforgettable experience and proceed smoothly.

Always Keep Budget In Mind

A budget breakdown is essential to avoid disappointment when you find the perfect venue, only to find out it’s too expensive and exceeds the budget. It is just as vital as being flexible with your ideal wedding date. Your perfect venue might not be available when you want it so rather than settling for another venue; selecting another time when the venue is accessible is also an option.

Serving Canapes To Your Guests

While the bridal party is off taking pictures after the ceremony, the entire procedure of doing so can take longer than an hour. Whilst waiting, you don’t want your guests to go hungry and start complaining. This is especially true if the menu does not have room for guests to dish up seconds once the event resumes. Canapes and welcome reception drinks are perfect to keep your guests busy until the bridal party returns.

Provide Entertainment For The Little Ones

Many people don’t want children at their wedding for a myriad of reasons such as noise and breaking glassware. However, some wedding ceremonies will have younger guests attending outside of the flower girl and ring bearer. To ensure the young ones are kept entertained throughout the ceremony, an activity package is an ideal solution. The pack can include anything from little toys and puzzles to colouring books and crayons. It is also a much cheaper option than hiring a child carer for the day.

Keeping your budget under control for the perfect available venue and being flexible with your ideal date will ensure planning and executing your wedding is easier. Entertaining the children and serving canapes will make the day even better. For the best wedding venues in Johannesburg, Silvasale Event and Catering is what you’re looking for. Visit our website to learn more!