Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

Your wedding is an exquisite series of different well-orchestrated moving parts, perfectly facilitated by a team of professionals. Their job is to ensure your special day is well organised, so you focused on the essential part, tying the knot.

Planning a wedding is a tedious and challenging process, and no matter how well-intentioned or prepared you are, it is easy to overspend. It is because there will be some expenses that have not been accounted for.

The mistake many clients make when looking for a wedding venue for hire is being too quick to sign on the dotted line before checking the wedding venue prices. Below are some tips you need to know, so you know what you are getting into;

    1) Minimums

A wedding venue for hire might work on some kind of minimum, be it food, beverages, people or the total amount. That is, there is bound to be a minimum a wedding venue for hire must hit for your event.

The minimums will vary according to different nights of the week, times of the year, or the times of the day. You will have to be open to opting for a non-prime date, if you are on a tight budget, to receive an excellent venue for hire and a cheaper bill. It is advisable to know the minimum requirement for the wedding venue for hire, including what can go towards the minimum before you book.

    2) Tax

When looking for the perfect wedding venue for hire, you should leave room for tax when looking at prices for anything that is wedding related. Sometimes VAT is excluded, the final price may be more or less than expected because of the VAT rate.

    3) Service Charge

Every wedding venue for hire charges what is known as a service charge that is charged on top of what the minimum is. The service charge is usually a percentage calculated off the food and beverage amount.

Before deciding on where a venue for hire fits into your budget or not, ensure you know what the venue’s service charge percentage is and that it is calculated into your estimate.

    4) Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are the small fees that are either hidden or not presented to you before booking a wedding venue for hire. They range from room rental, ceremony, bartenders, cashiers, cash bar, security and the list goes on. These hidden fees are spread out in a brochure that a wedding for hire gives you during the tour.

You will need to look through all the pages thoroughly to have a clear idea of the fees charged by the venue for hire. In some cases, the costs are too many to calculate so the best is to get an estimate before you book.

    5) Estimates

When requesting an estimate from a wedding venue for hire, you need to be specific and be sure to get one before booking a venue. Look everything through thoroughly and do not be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure what a charge is for.

If you have a menu in mind, ask them for an estimate that includes all fees necessary to have a menu for a set number of adults and children attending your wedding.

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