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Ultimate Tips That Can Take The Stress Away From Organising your Next Event

Whether it is a corporate event, a wedding or a simple birthday party, planning an event can be a time and energy consuming affair that leaves one overwhelmed and stressed. From choosing the décor, menu, event or conference venues or selecting function rooms Johannesburg to sorting out the seating arrangement, it most certainly can be a stressful occasion rather than a joyous one.

The success of your event is dependent on the event planner that you choose. However, with a myriad of luxury catering and event planners plying their trade, choosing one suitable for your needs can be a daunting experience.

We have compiled a few useful tips that will help in taking out the stress of organising your next event;

1.Determine Your Event Objective

Before you shortlist your choice of caterers and event planners, it is essential to work out the objective of your event, your budget and your reason for wanting to hire externally. In this regard, it is essential to be in a position to be able to communicate the event’s broad outline and its most important goals.

After you have defined the objectives of the event, a clearer picture of the theme and message you intend to convey will be painted. The next step is determining the budget you have set aside for the planner and what expect them to do and achieve.

2. Choose An Event Planner Who Will Stick Within Your Budget

One of the problematic aspects of organising an event is combining a realistic budget while trying to achieve the theme for your event. It is also stressful to make concessions in the name of saving money, more especially if you have no success in your research for cost-effective alternatives.

You will need to partner an event planner with the experience to maximise your budget while achieving your specific event needs. The event planner that you hire should know where to cut back and which areas need more money to create your desired event.

3. Choose An Event Planner Who Has Their Thumb On The Latest Trends

Organising an event that is unique and unforgettable requires being on top of recent trends in the events industry. It is difficult to know what is relevant, contemporary, appropriate and will impress your guests if you host events occasionally.

If you are not clued up on the latest events trends, partner with an event planner who keeps up with the latest industry trends. The event planner you choose should be able to guide you in terms of décor ideas, personalised menu options, entertainment or speciality cocktails. An event planner that is willing to work closely with to achieve an event that is a reflection of you is one you should choose.

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