What To Look For When Hiring A Boardroom In Johannesburg

A boardroom is not just a room with four walls where you can meet with colleagues and partners to discuss work arrangements. A good boardroom will have certain factors that you can’t go without, to make sure a productive and creative meeting will take place for corporate event Companies. Here is a handy list of what to look for when looking to a boardroom for hire in Johannesburg.

Fast and Reliable WiFi Connection

During a business meeting, emails and other documents often need to be sent from one person to another. You might need to have a video conference with people who are working off-site, and you might have to access documents that are kept in cloud storage. When you’re looking for a boardroom to hire, a fast and reliable WiFi connection is a necessity.


Are you planning a presentation? If you need boardroom rental in Johannesburg to present your findings, ask event planners Johannesburg if a projector, screen, cables and anything else you might need will be supplied with the room. The boardroom you hire should have the necessary hardware that will allow for a successful meeting.

Good Housekeeping

A clean boardroom is not something that you think is necessary until you have to spend hours in a boardroom that hasn’t been cleaned. Dirty carpeting, stuffy air and dusty surfaces will not facilitate a good working environment or reflect well on your company to eternal stakeholders. Make sure that the boardroom you hire is cleaned before the meeting so that the attendees can focus on the work.


The Event Catering Services reflects your company values and how you value the meeting attendees. Plan ahead and discuss the catering options with the venue. Are there self-service tea and coffee facilities in the boardroom? Will there be mints and water supplied for each attendee? Does the venue provide snacks or full catering? Don’t get caught out by a lack of catering options.

Don’t get caught out when you are next looking to rent a boardroom.  Use this handy list to ensure it meets all of your needs or Contact Us.