What to look for when selecting in a wedding venue in Johannesburg

Selecting the best wedding venues in Johannesburg can be challenging and confusing. There are hundreds of venues in Johannesburg, making the process quite daunting and intimidating. It can also feel like venues double the price when they hear the word ‘wedding’, often leaving the happy couples quite despondent. No-one needs this pressure or stress, but if you follow our five tips, they can help to save you major bucks, ease the stress and still ensure you have your perfect day.

1.Location, Location, Location

While it is your special day, there are a few factors to consider regarding your guests. How easy is it for them to get to your venue? Is there plenty of parking or alternative transport available? It is easily accessible for older, injured or disabled guests? For example, Silvasale’s venue at The Wanderers Club is on the Gautrain bus route and is a short Uber trip from Rosebank and Sandton, in the heart of the leafy suburb of Illovo.

2.Clear Communication

Clear communication between yourself, your fiance and the wedding planner or wedding venues representative is crucial. Designating one person to manage the day, either the wedding planner or Master of Ceremonies, will allow you to have a stress-free time at your wedding. However, there can be no loose ends or space for things to be assumed. Ensure that you clearly communicate your needs and plans – and then follow this up with it in written form (dot-points in text or email are great ways of keeping everyone on track).


3. Food & Beverages

By the time the ceremony is over your guests are probably quite hungry and thirsty. Ensure that the wedding caterers Johannesburg provides snacks and drinks before the main course is served – this also allows you plenty of time to have the perfect photos taken. Consider your guests when choosing the menu and make sure your venue serves the halal or kosher or vegetarian options that your guests may need.

4. Time of year

Timing of weddings is crucial. Consider that brides typically wear a long dress (with no jacket or scarf) which can be hot and heavy in summer and too cold in winter – and spare a thought for the men sweating it out in their suits on those long, hot summer days! Brides fainting and photos of grooms with sweat-patches are all too common on the wedding scene.  Unfortunately we can’t control the weather, however, we can plan around it and also control the indoor environment. Consider the time of day and using it to your advantage; e.g. morning or late afternoon wedding in summer, and a midday wedding in cooler months. If the wedding is held indoors does the venue have adequate air conditioning or heating?

5. Indoors vs Outdoors

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want an outdoor wedding, how accessible is it for guests? Are the bathrooms close? Are there comfortable areas for guests to gather before and after the wedding? Can you hear road traffic or other noises? Does the venue have an indoor option in case of rain? If the outdoors venue is far from the kitchen, expect delays in getting service and food delivered to the tables. Always take time to the time of year and time of day you want to get married in when considering an outdoor wedding. If you want an indoor wedding, is there adequate heating and cooling? Where will the guests gather between the wedding and reception?

We hope these five tips help you with choosing a wedding venue. SilvaSale offers various options when it comes to wedding venues. From simple venues both indoors and outdoors to ballroom weddings that can accommodate hundreds of guests. Silvasale’s venue at The Wanderers Club is on the Gautrain bus route and is a short Uber trip from Rosebank and or Sandton, in the heart of the beautiful, leafy suburb of Illovo. Chat to us today to see how we can customise a quote to help make your dream wedding come true.